night camp
stay close but hold your pillow closer
  1. Night Camp Trailer #1 

    Hello Kids welcome to Night Camp.
    I am Derrell Snooze but you, just you, can call me Desmond. 
    I am considered a Sleep Guru in many stones. 
    I have dremt many dreams night and day belong bentath my eyelids. and now the witching hours have become my experise. Join me, not you Amanda, this year as I explore these landscapes dark and light, the sun and moon, fire and ice, parades and sacafices. I will help you night creepers. I will save you from the darkness

    *beware observe with caution legends say that weaved inside these tapes lie dak spells of demonic forces. The great mystic of the seven swords supposedly is clumped beneath. stay close but hold your pillow closer.

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